Hello. Welcome to the website for Ben L. Hall, candidate for for the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (NMPRC)





I was one of five elected Commissioners that make up the NMPRC from 2010-2014 and am running for re-election in 2018.


If you care about such things, there are 3 Democrats (Women) and 2 Republicans (Men). I am one of the Republicans, however political parties are never mentioned in our public meetings.


My first term on the PRC ended on December 31, 2014. I am currently running for re-election for a second term. My PRC District #5 is comprised of parts of 11 counties in South Central and Southwestern New Mexico.


I am a native New Mexican. I was born in Fort Sumner and have lived most of my life in Ruidoso where I currently reside. After graduating High School in Ruidoso, I raised a family, owned and operated a construction business for 40 years, served 2 terms as Lincoln County Commissioner, served 3 terms in the New Mexico House of Representatives, and served on numerous Boards and Committees.


My primary goal is to help make the PRC a respected state agency. This respect is not only for Commissioners and Staff but for all New Mexicans. Everyone in New Mexico should have a regulatory agency they can depend on, trust, and be proud of. I have worked hard in my first term to help accomplish these things and if re-elected, I will continue this work.


I take this job very seriously. I believe Commissioners are elected to work 24/7 to see that the taxpayers of New Mexico are protected and to see that their needs in the regulatory community are also taken care of. I rent my own apartment and stay in Santa fe the largest part of every week - not just on Open Meeting Day. Four years ago, I told the voters if they would elect me, I would spend as much time in Santa Fe as I felt necessary to help make the PRC better place. However there is still work to be done.


In my first term, we changed the Staff's working hours, overtime pay and comptime. We changed the vehicle usage policy, sold some vehicles, and changed who can and cannot take a state vehicle home.


When I took office in 2011, each Division had a Director and the PRC had a Chief of Staff. Since that time, all Division Directors except one, and the Chief of Staff have been changed. We felt this was and is in the public's best interest. In addition, Commissioner Hall completed the 36 hours of Ethics Training and 32 hours of Continued Education from New Mexico EDGE (Education Designed to Generate Excellence in the Public Sector) as mandated by the New Mexico Legislature.


Allow me to continue working for you. vote Ben L. Hall
PRC Commissioner - District 5

In 2012-2013, I was honored by being invited by Wall Street bankers, S&P, Moodys, and utility investors from around the world to sit with them on a Panel to discuss the potential investment of utility companys in New Mexico. Shortly after these meetings, the interest rates on the New Mexico investor owned utilities were lowered and their bond ratings increased (maybe just a coincidence). "Commissioner Hall brings a sense of business to the PRC that has never existed before." commented Patricia Collawn, the CEO of Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM).


In 2012-2014, I was also invited on 3 seperate occassions, by one of the largest utility investment firms in the world, to participate on panels to discuss the regulatory climate and New Mexico regulations that affect investors. There were 2 panels in Vail, CO and 1 panel in New York.


In 2013, I was Chairman of the PRC and was also President of the Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners. The Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners is an organization of the 13 western states and the island of Guam.


It was my honor and privilege to host the 79th Western Conference in Santa Fe, NM. According to my fellow Commissioners in these 13 states, the Santa Fe Conference was possibly the best attended and most succesful conference ever.

Commissioner Hall meeting with constituents in Chaparral, NM

Allow me to work for you. vote Ben L. Hall
PRC Commissioner - District 5